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Quitting Smoking Sucks!

I am 5 days into my current quit and it seems to be going pretty solid. I actually believe I am going to make it this time. The biggest hurdles have been the behavioral triggers that I am having to reprogram.

1. Driving While Not Smoking:

This one was really hard.  I usually burn through a half a pack a day just on the commutes to work and lunch breaks.  I found the first day that my road rage was freakin’ out of control…but that’s cool as long as I wasn’t smoking.  I changed my lunch habit by not driving to get grub…this helped out some as well.

2. Drinking And Not Smoking:

I thought this one would be impossible, but I went to a wedding over the weekend and managed to be successful.  Once I get a bit of whiskey in my veins I usually start feening right away.  I calculated my approach to the event very carefully, however.  I pushed back my first drink until late in the evening.  Rather than start boozing after the ceremony, I waited until after dinner.  This made the amount of hours I had to be battling the whiskey-puffing demon a bit shorter.  I also sucked down boatloads of water in between liquor drinks.

What I am finding is that it is best to plow through the behaviors that I use to associate with smoking rather than avoid them.  The more I avoid these behaviors, the more likely I will become depressed and start feeling like I am missing out on life.  I think that’s one reason that people have a hard time quitting smoking.  Take the drinking part. “If I have a drink, then I am going to need to smoke…so I better not drink.”  Screw that!  You need to go have a drink…get plastered…all the while refusing to have a smoke.  When you wake up the next morning with the usual hangover but not the dead rot in your mouth, you will realize that you still CAN have fun without the smokes.

Basically…you need to reclaim these triggers…not avoid them.  That’s my advice.  But hell…I might relapse tomorrow, so why should you listen to me.